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Mushrooms stand out for their nutritional and biochemical value to complement and enhance your health and wellbeing. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but also β-glucans, they are an amazing source of health.

We focus on nutrition as the key to improve your wellbeing, whether it is to complement the treatment of certain pathologies or to solve functional disorders.



From drinking mushroom tea, eating dried mushrooms or taking a supplement, mushrooms – with their endless health and wellbeing benefits are the hottest foodie trend. Hifas da Terra specialised supplement Mico-Salud range has been developed to boost the immune system, target IBS and cholesterol.

May 2015

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Brand new research from Arthritis Research UK found that the agonising pain of arthritis could be cured thanks to a mushroom extract. Cordycepin, extracted from the cordyceps mushroom, blocks the painful inflammatory process of ostheoarthritis.

June, 2015

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[Their] supplements, anti-ageing serums and soaps integrate one of nature’s greatest treasures with science, innovation and generations of knowledge to produce highly concentrated medicinal mushroom products, designed to take care of your health. In the community.

April, 2015

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