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Our latest webinars


Health Professionals Education and Training in Mycotherapy

Hifas da Terra is committed to organizing different events for the education and the training of health practitioners. Through seminars, conferences, online webinars and educational retreats we are always aiming to connect experts of worldwide relevance with the therapeutic use of medicinal mushrooms.
Our rigor and confidence supports more than 18 years of experience in biotechnology applied to health. We are innovators and pioneers in the area of mycology in Europe and our doctors, biologists and oncologists are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Managing energy, stress and sleep with Medicinal Mushrooms

Exploring how Hifas da Terra´s medicinal mushrooms can be used to support physical and mental resilience to help us operate in a more balanced state despite our lives of over-commitment and speediness..

10th May 2017 – Presented by Yuwa Aguedo
Yuwa AguedoNutritional Therapist, Naturopath qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massage.

Stress and blood sugar balance

Discover more about the connection between stress and blood sugar balance, as well as the pathways that are known to generate diseases. Olivier will also walk us through some of the key medicinal mushrooms as a solution to counteract these imbalances.

28th February 2017 – Presented by Olivier Sánchez
Olivier SanchezNutritional Therapist, Naturopath, expert in Stress and Chronic Conditions, Natural Chef, Lecturer and Cooking Teacher, Exclusive Retreat Chef and Published writer.

Cancer and the incredible power of mushrooms to support healing

Cancer is a disease that affects us all, either directly or indirectly, and as the popularity of an integrative treatment approach grows, the emerging field of Mycotherapy offers huge potential when it comes to either reducing cancer risk or helping support those already diagnosed.

30th November 2016 – Presented by Liz Butler
Liz Butler is a nutritional therapist & founder of Body Soul Nutrition

Hormone dysregulation and reproductive health: Are the medicinal mushrooms the undiscovered key?

There are different potential indications for the use of medicinal mushrooms and their benefit in immunology is well established. However, recent research supports the use of mushrooms for a number of other body systems, such as the endocrine system. This is an area of great interest considering the fact that many people have issues with metabolic and hormonal dysregulation which can have a significant impact on reproductive health.

26th October 2016 – Presented by Yuwa Aguedo
Yuwa Aguedo is a Naturopath qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massafe and a lecturar ar the College of Naturopathic Medicine

Beta-Glucans & Beyond. Clinically relevant insights about the anti-inflammatory and immune actions of mushroom extracts

Mushrooms contain a veritable bounty of natural molecules to support human health. Antony Haynes will introduce you to Mycotherapy and describe multiple actions that mushroom extracts can have in the body. This will include beta-glucans and glycoproteins but will also extend to high molecular weight polysaccharides, mannoglucan, Cordycepin & others. You will learn about the most notable characteristics of of Reishi, Cordyceps, Agaricus, Shiitake & Maitake.

2nd June 2016 – Presented by Anthony Haynes
Anthony Haynes is one of the most experienced Nutritional Therapists in the UK, among the first ones to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the country.

Understanding the Anti-Ageing Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

The webinar will give you an introduction to the Reishi Mushroom and its beneficial effects on your body, with a special focus on the use of Mycotrherapy for anti-aging nutrition and dermo cosmetics. After detailing all the special nutrients that this magnificent mushroom possesses, Miguel will lead us through its anti-inflammatory properties, explaining the special mechanism for the protection from photoaging.

22nd March 2016 – Presented by Miguel Toribio Mateas
Miguel Toribio Mateas is a nutrition clinician, a Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the leading lecturer, author and researcher who specialises in clinical neuroscience and healthy ageing.

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