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How can mycotherapy and integrative medicine help cancer patients?

Last 4th February was World Cancer Day, a day to remember those affected by cancer and to celebrate all the research efforts against this illness around the world.

Research groups haven’t stopped trying to shed light on today’s questions about cancer. From the role of genetics to finding key molecules in the carcinogenesis process. Nowadays, our level of awareness in our fight against this disease goes beyond the medical arena. For example, the so-called complementary therapies have become an important aspect of a patient’s needs at many levels.


We are talking about integrative medicine and, amongst all of them, Mycotherapy, which uses medicinal mushrooms as a natural therapy to help cancer patients by


Boosting their immune system. Cancer treatments such as radio or chemotherapy are, in most cases, very aggressive for our bodies. That’s why it’s so important to strengthen our defenses  as much as possible to be able to endure the treatment and do it with an adequate quality of life. In addition, keeping your immune system working efficiently will contribute to generate an ‘environment’ less inviting to the reproduction of abnormal cells.

Medicinal mushrooms, mostly the ones coming from Asia, have been tested for years and many scientific studies now confirmed their benefits. Among other substances, they contain bioactive molecules which help modulate tumor inflammation and necrosis, as well as other biological reactions taking place in the carcinogenesis process. Species to be highlighted for their immunoregulatory potential are Sun Agaricus and Reishi as an anti-inflammatory.


Detoxifying your body. In cancer patients, it’s important to boost the activity of those organs responsible for getting rid of toxins in the body. This will help reduce the side effects derived from medical treatments. Polyporus umbellatus is a fungus with diuretic and immunoregulatory properties (as most medicinal mushrooms are).


Prebiotics intake. These are a good dietary complement for cancer patients. Stress, antibiotics, low defences and other factors contribute to changing the intestinal flora, causing digestive problems and pain, as well as decreasing nutrients and vitamins absorption, which are so important to keep in good health for a patient when going through cancer.


Above all, it is very important to keep precautions such as:

  • Seek advice from a health and mycotherapy professional and keep them informed about the process and treatment the patient is following
  • Make sure the treatment is compatible with other health issues that the patient may have
  • Let your oncology specialist know about your intentions to complement your treatment with mycotherapy


Other key measures to follow in order to achieve a real integrative treatment will include exercising and relaxing techniques, as well as a good nutritional diet.


Let’s not forget that World Cancer Day goals are to prevent and detect cancer early, in order to reduce the impact of this illness have in our population. Above all, we must be aware of its seriousness and take the appropriate measures during our whole life to avoid any misconceptions around cancer.

If you are interested in knowing more about how medicinal mushrooms can help patients or just take care of your health, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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