Hifas da Terra evaluates the impact of a natural mushroom bases product on Breast Cancer in a Clinical trial

MicroInmunomama clinical trial

Hifas da Terra (HdT) makes a significant contribution to research into natural products for human health with a new clinical trial on breast cancer, which is the last phase of the Microimmunomama project, led by HdT since 2019. This collaborative project, in partnership with IIS Galicia Sur (IISGS) and the technological centre Leitat, consists of studying the benefits for breast cancer patients of newly developed medicinal mushroom based nutritional supplements capable of modulating the immune response and the intestinal microbiota.

Hifas da Terra develops a new product with positive impact on memory and cognitive impairment

New product for memory and cognitive impairment

Hifas da Terra (HdT) and Cuevas y Cía announced the results of the trial carried out at the Foltra Health Centre (Foltra Foundation), which shows that the daily intake of a new functional food has a significant impact on critical aspects of neurological health such as memory and attention, and may also be useful in cognitive impairment associated with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Hifas da Terra and Anfaco-Cecopesca propose innovative solutions for health from the smart industry in the Nutrigen 4.0 project

Nutrigen 4.0 Project Tour

The overall objective of the R&D&I project ‘NutriGen 4.0’ is to design a biotechnological process, which can monitor, simulate and predict outcomes so nutraceuticals can be created by means of advanced calculation and modelling tools.

Study in nursing home residents demonstrates a reduction in both mortality from and associated complications of COVID-19

Hifas da Terra’s released the preliminary results of the trial of mycotherapeutic supplements in nursing home residents diagnosed with COVID-19, which demonstrated that supplementation with immunomodulatory nutraceuticals can significantly improve the situation of those most vulnerable to the pandemic by reducing both mortality and complications associated with infection by SARS-COV-2.