• Hifas da Terra y OAFI (Osteoarthritis Foundation International) conduct the first trial in patients that proves that the use of mushroom extracts alleviates the pain and the stiffness in arthrosis patients.
  • The extracts treatment is also able to increase both the physical ability and the energy levels.
  • Patients indicate a decrease in the pain level of a 23.4% (VAS scale) and improvements of the stiffness, mobility and pain of a 20% (WOMAC questionnaire).

A pilot study conducted in Barcelona by Hifas da Terra and OAFI analyses the effects of the use of mushroom extracts in cases of osteoarthritis, also known as arthrosis.

This clinical research represents a milestone on the mushrooms clinical applications since it would be the first trial that is being conducted on patients with knee arthrosis. The complementary treatment with mushrooms has reduced the pain and inflammation as well as the patient´s mobility problems.

The results of this research were presented in the III International Congress of Arthrosis Patients, organized by @OAFIFoundation.

III International Congress of Arthrosis Patients HIfas da Terra

Why are we researching Arthrosis treatments?

Arthrosis is the most frequent joint disease. Among its symptoms, we can find pain and inflammation but also mobility loss. Although it is not considered as a serious illness, it is a limiting and annoying one that decreases the quality of life. According to the data that the Eurobarometer survey has collected, arthrosis affects to the 30% of the population older than 60 years-old.

Results of the Mico-Cord + Mico-Five use

This observational study was carried out in the Rheumatology Poal Institute of Barcelona in patients that were diagnosed knee arthrosis. After three months of the Mico-Cord and Mico-Five supplements intake, the study group revealed generalised improvements that were collected on the report. The protocol conclusions were that the supplements:

  • Alleviate the pain and stiffness
  • Improves the physical ability and the energy levels


Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

Pain is one of the most important aspects on the arthrosis treatment. In order to evaluate the impact of the extracts intake, the visual Pain is one of the most important aspects on the arthrosis treatment. In order to evaluate the impact of the extracts intake, the visual analogue scale (VAS) was taken as reference..

After a three-month treatment, the 75% showed improvements in the pain scale of a 23.4%.

Womac questionnaire to evaluate the functional capacity

Another relevant aspect related to the arthrosis is the mobility limitation. In the clinical trial, this parameter is determined through the Womac questionnaire in which several aspects are included such as pain, mobility and functional abilities loss.

80% of the patients have indicated improvements of a 15% in aspects such as pain, stiffness and mobility while the 63% of the participants have indicated that the improvements were of a 20%.


The conclusions of the knee arthrosis clinical trial have validated the mushrooms capacity to approach, from an integrative perspective, relevant aspects of this pathology such as the tiredness, the bone discomfort and the joints inflammation.


  • Möller I., Fernández de Ana C., Sinde E., Simón I., Rodríguez-Blanco A., Vergés J. (2019) Effects of two mushroom extracts on symptom alleviation in osteoarthritis patients: observations in daily clinical practice. Instituto Poal de Reumatología Barcelona, Spain. OAFI Foundation (Osteoarthritis Foundation International) e Hifas da Terra.
  • Möller, I. (2019) Observación del efecto de dos tratamientos basados en extracto de hongos en aspectos psiquicocofísicos de pacientes con artrosis de rodilla en la práctica clínica. OAFI

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