One of the magic places at Hifas da Terra is the chestnut forest that surrounds our Head Office in Galicia (Spain).

This particular chestnut grove is very special to us. It was planted by my parents the same month that Catalina (owner and creator of Hifas da Terra) was born. The trees in this grove have survived several forest fires and yet still, have grown beautifully and straight, changing their colours with each season.

It gives us delicious chestnuts and different mushrooms. I remember being a little girl and going there to gather the chestnuts, and Boletus edulis or Cantharellus cibarius in the autumn.

Chestnut wood has great quality, and even though we try not to cut down any trees from this grove, the few times we had to, it was used to produce other mushrooms, like Shiitake or Pleurotus ostreatus.

This forest is unique, and for this reason I decided to use it as my inspiration for the Summer 15 accessories collection. Soon you will see bags, wallets and scarves with the magic of this forest, in acid colours mixed with greens or blues. Vibrant colours to enjoy this summer.

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