How Cordyceps mushrooms can heat up your sex life this Autumn

Little has been reported on Cordyceps, a bright yellow, worm-like fungus originating 5,000 metres above sea level in the Tibetan highlands. But this tiny, twig-like mushroom has some incredible powers you may just find of interest…


As well as being a natural stimulant, used by those in the know as a substitute for caffeine and other more harmful energy-boosting substances, Cordyceps can do wonders for your sex life!


Tibetan farmers first noticed the effects of Cordyceps on sexual libido when their yaks, while grazing on the fungus in the Himalayan mountains, began to display notable signs of increased energy and vitality. Then, as nature took its course, they were rewarded with a stronger, more energetic and plentiful herd.


Known in the West as ‘Cordyceps sinensis’, its Tibetan name yartsa gunbu translates in English to “summer grass, winter worm” and has been used for thousand of years by Tibetans, Nepalese, Chinese and many other cultures as a potent natural aphrodisiac.  


The first written record of this curious parasite can be found in a 15th century Tibetan text, ‘An ocean of Aphrodisiacal Qualities’, and is still considered today as a highly revered gift in China. As a consequence, the harvest and sale of Cordyceps became crucial to rural economies in the area. Sadly its value as a life-energy boosting tonic has led to it becoming an endangered species, now at risk of extinction in its natural environment. As such, the extracts found in Hifas da Terra products are cultivated in a man-made, safe and protected lab environment to ensure its quality, potency and longevity as a species.



So, how can Cordyceps help your love life?

While sexual prowess and desire is unfortunately still rather a taboo subject amongst the general population, the strength of the Viagra market suffices to show the often isolating and embarrassing struggle which many men (and some women) face today to maintain a healthy sexual libido. Cordyceps offers a natural and powerful alternative to libido-enhancing pharmaceutical drugs, proven in many studies and used by various cultures worldwide to treat male impotence, improve erectile function, sperm production and stamina, and increase sexual desire in both men and women. Furthermore, Cordyceps, unlike various pharmaceutical alternatives, has no known side effects.


So why not give it a try?

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