Humans have spent too much time surrounded by concrete. We have forgotten how important our contact with nature is.

At Hifas da Terra we would like to help you reconnect with nature! I’m not suggesting to go back in time, but to take advantage of the scientific research that has been going on for years and to understand how we can be healthier and happier in our natural surroundings.

At Hifas da Terra this means mushrooms and, thanks to the research made carried out by our super mycologists, we know exactly what it is in them that can increase our quality of life.

We love mushrooms. Inside – for their effects on us – and outside – aren’t they beautiful?  So we encourage you to learn about them, to benefit from them, and let us share our passion for mushrooms with you. Mushrooms fuel inspiration for all of our activities. Whether it be a new serum, a mushroom-based honey, a luxury leather bag, or a scarf.

This is how we care about mushrooms, we see our company as one of constant innovation, pioneering research, unbridled creativity and, above all, in-touch with nature. We see these traits in our family, friends, colleagues, and customers. So, join the revolution, let’s meet, connect, and let us show you how caring about mushrooms can affect your life and help you be the best you can be!

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