As some of you may have already heard, Cordyceps is considered the most invigorating mushroom of all. Its properties range from fighting fatigue to ageing and they’ve been proved by many controlled clinical studies for many years now, not just in labs but also with real cases of illnesses related to senility and physical fatigue.

Nowadays nobody questions the beneficial effects of this mushroom to fight premature senility, low libido, breathing or heart malfunction and many other illnesses related to cellular ageing. And it’s this particular aspect, cellular ageing, in which Cordyceps can be a healing agent on our skin.

Our skin cells have the ability to synthesise telomerase, which allows them to have a very long life and duplication without errors, unlike many other cells in our body. However, once the skin tissue is deteriorated (dry, with inflammation etc) our skin cells also lose their ability to generate telomerase. This starts a vicious cycle which contributes to cell ageing and therefore causes more skin disease.

Cordyceps has the ability to strengthen cell generation of the telomerase enzyme, which allows skin cells to live longer and with an error-free reproduction cycle. This way, we cut the skin inflammation – illness – cell ageing vicious cycle. In our soaps, this effect created by the action of Cordyceps and Reishi is amplified by diluting it in Argan oil.

This Argan oil, obtained by pressing the Argan seed , has a very similar fat composition to extra virgin olive oils and it’s very rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, polyphenols and A, C and E vitamins.

Ironically, Argan (Argania spinosa) is a tree endemic to the semi-desert Sous valley of south western Morocco that can survive these dry conditions thanks to its symbiotic relationship with mushrooms that live in its roots and provide water and nutrients from the poor soils where they grow.

It couldn’t have been otherwise: nature gives us the best natural resources to apply to our skin and strengthen our cells in the most natural way possible every day.


Prof. Juan Carlos Mirre is a scientist and the author of The Best Mushrooms for Health

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