[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”7791″ img_size=”full”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Which form to choose: 100% natural extracts or modified release dosage forms (FFLM), known as micro-granules?
In the Mycotherapy formulations, as well as with all food supplements and medications, we must choose which dosage form or pharmacological formula is adequate to guarantee the bioavailability of the active ingredient. In the market we find pills, vials, tablets, capsules … different forms and shapes that respond to a main objective: ensuring that the active principle reaches the action point at the appropriate concentration.
In addition to promote bioavailability, the choice of one or another galenic form may aim as a goal to improve the look and taste of the product, but it may also be decisive when reducing the interaction with other drugs or foods.

Why choosing classical formulas of mushroom extracts

Fungi are one of the most important therapeutic arsenals of the natural world. Each of the fungal species consists of hundreds of active molecules such as polysaccharides (including β-glucans), triterpenoids (including sterols), phenols, peptides, proteins, polysaccharide-protein complexes, etc.

  • Extracts Bioavailability

As we explain in the following image, there is evidence that the galenic form of the natural extracts allows β-glucans to fulfill their therapeutic function thanks to the interaction with the cells of the immune system.

References for the text of the image: 1. Masuda Y, Inoue H, Ohta H, Miyake A, Konishi M, Nanba H (2013) Oral administration of soluble β-glucans extracted from Grifola frondosa induces systemic antitumor immune response and decreases immunosuppression in tumor-bearing mice. International Journal of Cancer 133, 108-120. / 2. Chan GCF, Chan WK, Sze DMY (2009) The effects of β-glucan on human immune and cancer cells. Journal of Hematology & Oncology 2, 25.

  • Formula chosen by scientific studies

In the of Hifas da Terra Mycotherapy formulations we only work with 100% natural extracts. Solid forms (standardized powder extract) that offer high ratios of active principle under optimal extraction conditions and are chosen among the thousands of scientific publications of in vitro and in vivo studies, hundreds of clinical trials and patents. These are, therefore, the formulations from which we can speak of proven scientific results.

  • Absence of drug interaction

The Medina Foundation, Center of Excellence in Research on Innovative Medicines in Andalusia, has evaluated the interaction of extracts of Hifas da Terra with other medicines. The conclusions of this study demonstrate a low possibility of drug interactions in vivo by inhibition of CYP450.

  • No additives and synthetic coatings, 100% extract

The Micosalud extracts of Hifas da Terra do not contain additives or synthetic coatings. In addition, high concentrations of extract per capsule allow to reach the therapeutic dose with fewer capsules per day.

Limitations of modified release dosage forms (FFLM) or microgranules

Mycotherapy also prescribes modified release pharmaceutical forms (FFLM) although with less scientific endorsement than natural extracts. These forms have been chosen by the pharmaceutical industry to present substances with narrow therapeutic margin, adverse effects related to plasma concentration, short duration of action and / or pharmacological tolerance with constant plasma levels.

On many occasions, their choice justifies a lower amount of extract per capsule / tablet and the use of other plant extracts that fatten up the product without therapeutic justification. In addition, they usually include synthetic coatings and even additives that make the product more attractive at the organoleptic level.

These are some of the microgranules limitations but not the only ones:
style=”text-align: justify;” There are no clinical data, publications or scientific tests on the use of FFLM or microgranules.

The absence of efficacy or safety comparative studies or clinical trials of these formulations makes it necessary to limit their use.

There are pathophysiological aspects that must be taken into account and that may limit its therapeutic application: the release rate of FFLM can be altered by the situation of intestinal transit. The modified release may limit the therapeutic function in patients with rapid transit (irritable bowel syndrome, hyperthyroidism, partial gastrectomy, etc.) because the release of the active ingredient has not been completed.

The inclusion of various compounds that are not fungal extracts in FFLM could interfere with the absorption of active molecules.

Studies of drug interactions or liver safety have not been developed with the extracts included in the FFLM or with the combination of fungal extracts and plant extracts (chicory, astragalus, milk thistle, etc.).:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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