Field work

Searching for a new specimen like Dr. Darwin? Drawing, making notes… make sure you take all your material with you in your portfolio. The Darwin portfolio is a beautiful leather handcraft piece, with flat pockets inside and outside. The size is perfect to carry your papers and notebooks, and you can fit a medium size […]

The healing benefits of mushrooms now in chocolate

Two great superfoods, together Combining mushrooms and chocolate allows you to benefit from two great superfoods. Mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest healers, powerful enhancers of the immune system, rich in immune activating beta-glucans, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and polysaccharides. Cocoa is considered a natural tonic, high in polyphenols, theobromine and phytosterols. Intense flavour The two […]

A study about cordyceps and its effect on athlete’s overtraining syndrome

Today, we want to share with you a very interesting study by a group of scientists at the University of Pavia, in Italy. This research study analyses professional sports people overtraining and the relevance that using Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum as a supplement  plays into their performance. The biometrics used were testosterone and cortisol. […]

The chestnut forest at Hifas da Terra


One of the magic places at Hifas da Terra is the chestnut forest that surrounds our Head Office in Galicia (Spain). This particular chestnut grove is very special to us. It was planted by my parents the same month that Catalina (owner and creator of Hifas da Terra) was born. The trees in this grove have survived several forest fires and […]

Science, family and nature come together for our new accessories collection

To celebrate the launch of our Pure Science new accessories collection, we organised a special photoshoot in the surroundings of our Hifas da Terra headquarters. As you probably know already, we’re based right next to a beautiful forest, and for this shoot we got all the generations of our family together as a way of passing on what our […]

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