New Year – New You!!!

Benefits of detox process include… Increased energy-vitality. Immunity booster. Weight loss, reduces water retention. Improves digestive system. Less dependant on caffeine. Re-hydrates your system. Effective in lowering your cholesterol. Cleansing your liver. Healthy skin, hair & nails. Improves quality of sleep. To help achieve these results we have collected the advice of health professionals from Hifas da Terra, which […]

Look after your skin with Cordyceps and Argan oil

As some of you may have already heard, Cordyceps is considered the most invigorating mushroom of all. Its properties range from fighting fatigue to ageing and they’ve been proved by many controlled clinical studies for many years now, not just in labs but also with real cases of illnesses related to senility and physical fatigue. […]

Smart is the new sexy: discover the brain behind our Fashion Accessories collection

Today we would like you to meet Iria, our Head of Accessories and founder of Iria de Ana. Iria has been working in the fashion industry for over 5 years now, at brands such as Carolina Herrera and, most recently, Amanda Wakeley. Her knowledge of the fashion industry and business sense, mixed with her love […]

What do food industry experts think about our mushrooms and chocolate bars?

Leatherhead Food Research is an independent membership-based organization delivering innovative research, scientific consultancy and regulatory guidance and interpretation. Today we talk with Hazel Lee, a creative and enthusiastic Food Scientist, who investigates and developes new products in this organization. Last 19 th of September, they celebrated the Food Innovation Day (we explain what this day consisted on […]

World Food Day 2014: Why is important to support Family Farming and Sustainability?

FAO General Director José Graziano da Silva highlights the need to promote the sustainable development of the more than 500 million family farms that manage the majority of the world’s agricultural land and produce most of the world’s food. From there, FAO makes this year’s focus on those ‘who feed the world and take care […]

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