To celebrate the launch of our Pure Science new accessories collection, we organised a special photoshoot in the surroundings of our Hifas da Terra headquarters. As you probably know already, we’re based right next to a beautiful forest, and for this shoot we got all the generations of our family together as a way of passing on what our philosophy is all about.

From grandparents to grandchildren, we all share a common view of life: an interest in feeling good, both inside and out, a passion for nature and, especially, for mushrooms.

The experience was great! It was hard to coordinate everyone but Antonia Penia, the photographer, is a real professional. Iria (our Head of Accessories) met her while working for a British luxury fashion brand Antonia works for. She has worked with the best in Europe, from the Prado Museum to all sorts of luxury fashion brands in Europe. And she creates beautiful pictures.

Mens sana in corpore sano. If you come to visit Hifas da Terra in Spain, you will probably find us working in the nursery fields (where we grow our mushrooms), covered in mud and happy as anyone can be in such a beautiful environment. That is, as well, how the Into the Wild Scarf was conceived. It shows our passion for nature and for feeling good about ourselves.

In other instances you may find us at the office developing ideas for new products; investigating in the labs; or designing, trying to reach that moment in the day when dreams and reality come together. And it’s for that moment of high energy that we have created the Till Dawn Scarf.  Matching this beautiful scarf we have the Mycelium Boletus and Spore Boletus bags, in black and shades of blue.

We always keep in mind one of our favourite mushrooms: Reishi (Ganoderma lucium) known as the mushroom of eternal youth.  In its honour we crafted the Positive Scarf as well as Mycelium Reishi and Spore Reishi bags. All in black and white, with touches of purple.

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to the Mycelium Pleurotus and Spore Pleurotus bags, in black and shades of purple.  This mushroom is very special and important for us, since it was the first mushroom used by Hifas da Terra in its early beginnings. Everything started with the Pleurotus Ostreatus over 15 years ago.

With this collection we are funding research at Hifas da Terra and we like to convey our passion for mycology to everyone who knows us, showing what we like and do best. But we also know that with each sale, our innovation can go one step further.

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