We love science, health and books so these are three of our favourite topics together. To feed your body, mind and soul.


For your body 

100% health book


100% Health by Patrick Holford

Yes, the same guy that wrote the 9-day liver detox. Now a classic. 100% health is a very clear and concise book about general health, explaining every single concept and detail of natural health. This book gives a real and clear view of nutrition and its direct effects in our health. Recommended by Catalina, CEO of Hifas da Terra.



For your mind

Physics of the impossible


Physics of the impossible, by Michio Kaku

Why we like it? Not only because we love the way this physicist from New York talks and explains the most complex of concepts in science, but because it’s bordering sci-fi sometimes. In each chapter, he presents the probabilities of notions like invisibility, teleportation, time travel and more, basing his arguments on what we currently know (or at least the great minds in science know!) and in theories that are in existence today. A very interesting dream to keep us dreaming about what the future holds.



For your soul 

mindfulness book

Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

This is not a new book, nor mindfulness is a new practice. Although we can’t deny it’s ‘trendy’. Drawing from the Eastern traditions of Buddhist meditation and yoga, brought to the Western through a secular lense and solidified with years of neuro-scientific research, mindfulness can have a more powerful effect than anti-depressants. It’s about being present in the moment, being aware of our thoughts and feelings instead of overwhelmed by them. We particularly love the ‘chocolate meditation’ which we of course do with a little bit of Cordyceps chocolate to start the day with an energy kick.


What about yours? Share your favourite science, health or any books with us.


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