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Hifas’ story is one written by women. In 1999 Catalina founded the company with a team of just three people. Sixteen years later, women represent 60% of the workforce and make the company a reference in biotechnology innovation.

For year, Rosie the Riveter’s poster with the message ‘Yes, we can do it!’ was part of our office walls and a witness of our company’s growth. Today, this poster is not just simply there for decoration but it also symbolises the female presence in the company, with over twenty-two women working together to make Hifas da Terra what it is and you know. To celebrate International Women’s Day we want to bring you the names that make it all happen. These are Hifas’ women:


Catalina is in the driving seat, making sure we are going in the right direction and taking care of new product development. At the same time, Silvia and Maria M. focus on the details for new formulas and their quality control, Maria C. is in charge of the daily management and administration, ensuring everything it’s in its place.


Paula and Barbara are responsible for the farming and product packing processes but also setting in motion new research projects.


Carmen, Iria, Pilar and Jane work in raising awareness about Hifas da Terra in the UK, whilst Tania does the same with teams in Portugal, Italy, France and Switzerland. Iria is also responsible for the new line of accessories in which mushrooms are at the centre of our bags and scarves.


Answering all your questions about the products, the farming processes, trees or to assist from the biomedics department are Mila and Laura, guiding you to understand mushrooms can help you take care of your health.


Maria Jose and Rosa make sure everything is tidy and neat, and that mushrooms make it into our meals every day in the shape of their delicious culinary inventions. Mushrooms are, in many ways, the fuel that moves the Hifas engine. Talking about energy, Naima and Amina are responsible for the wellbeing of our mycorrhizal trees.

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