From the moment that Hifas da Terra presented its first accessories line (bags, scarves and bracelets) we have been asked the same question many times: why an accessories line?


Those who have known us for a while, also noticed that we are not just a company dedicated to the world of mushrooms. It’s a way of life, a philosophy, a mission. We are very passionate about mushrooms, because of what mushrooms can do for us and for what we can do for nature. Our mission is to bring mushrooms closer to people’s lives. In our world, food is health, research projects are named after mushroom names and we enjoy watching the natural environment.


It’s the way we approach life that makes us different. They way we enjoy every part of life.  We work hard to transmit our passion for mycology to others, in the easiest possible way. We are inspired by old prints of mushrooms used at Universities centuries ago to teach every detail of every single species: its shape, colour, smell and the effects they can have on us. Our customers already use the right words to refer to each mushroom species, words such as: Reishi, Shiitake, Pleurotus, Boletus…


Our passion for mushrooms influences everything in our lives. What we wear and keep close to us, the way we communicate with others. Every item in the accessories line of Hifas da Terra has a direct relation to a mushroom species: Reishi, Pleurotus and Boletus. Every detail is taken care of and made with the best materials available, respecting nature and people.


Our inspiration comes from nature and from the old images used to study each mushroom.


We wear our passion. We expose it. And we love it. 


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