Annie Breen is an Edinburgh based Nutritional Therapist,
graduate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Birmingham and Founder of Optimising Wellness.

Allergy defence with Adaptogenic Mushrooms

This webinar will cover common allergies, such as food allergies, asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis (hay fever), their symptoms and possible causes. We will have a brief overview of the different types of immune responses – IgE and IgG (allergy v intolerance) & Th1 and Th2 (histamine mediated allergic response). We will explore several mushrooms for allergy support.

Reishi – for anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and immune modulating properties. Lion’s Mane – gut healing and how supporting the integrity of the digestive tract can reduce the development of allergies. Royal Sun Agaricus – a potent modulator of IgE and IgG responses. We will also cover our product protocols to support all the conditions discussed.

Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and Psychotherapist
(Gestalt, EMDR, Family Constellations). 

Detoxification with Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Dr Aggarwal will discuss how to balance the root causes of physical and emotional health issues using Mycotherapy (the therapeutic use of mushrooms) to support effective digestion, detoxification and elimination.
He will consider how mushrooms may moderate leaky gut, inflammation, adrenal fatigue and liver toxicity to improve physical and mental health.
He will offer valuable insight into how effective mushroom protocols can work alongside other naturopathic strategies, including supplements, to balance core areas of health.

Part 4 of 4-part series on Cancer Support
Presented by Linda Sims

Cancer support with Medicinal Mushrooms – Prostate cancer

One hundred and thirty men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each day in the UK. Incidence are set to rise. Alongside diet and lifestyle, mushrooms have been shown a potent weapon in our anti-cancer arsenal.
Find out the key mushrooms that help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, help improve the survival odds and reduce recurrence.

Lecturer: Jo Gamble Functional Medicine Practitioner, who completed her Fellowship in Integrative Cancer has a unique passion for making a difference to people with cancer, working alongside them on their journey, leaving no stone unturned. Jo’s passion to educate her clients from her busy private Coventry clinic has also led her to further her nutritional career in lecturing with the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

 The Future of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, accounting for 22.9% of all cancers, and is the principal cause of death among women globally. During this insightful talk, Jo will take you through the research and practical applications of mycotherapy as part of an integrative oncology approach to support breast cancer. Numerous medical trials have shown medicinal mushrooms offer safe and powerful support to those with a breast cancer diagnosis.
Part 1 of a two part series on Cancer.

Part 1 of a 2-part series on Gastrointestinal Health
Lecturer: Linda Sims

Mushrooms for Gastrointestinal Support: acid reflux, GERD and H.Pylori.

Acid reflux and heartburn are increasing due to our fast paced life and poor eating habits. When this is a constant occurrence for clients, addressing GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux and / or H. pylori infection can help restore balance.

Join us to learn how medicinal mushrooms, alongside diet and lifestyle changes, can help to improve symptoms for you or your clients. We will look at the Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms and how they can help reduce inflammation and regenerate properties of the intestinal epithelium to restore healthy gut function.

Part 2 of a 4-part Cancer series.
 Linda Sims, Senior Nutritional Therapist and lecturer at CNM, Bristol.

“Cancer support with Medicinal Mushrooms” – Lung cancer

Lung cancer accounts for 13% of all cancers in the UK, it is the second most common cancer for both women and men. In the UK 22% of deaths from cancer are attributed to lung cancer.  Research shows that mycotherapy provides invaluable support to cancer patients alongside conventional treatments. Using medicinal mushrooms has been shown to reduce angiogenesis, reduce treatment side effects and improve quality of life. Our webinar will take you through the research and practical applications of mycotherapy as a part of an integrative oncology protocol.

Presented by Victoria O´Neill, Nutritional Therapist

‘Weight Management with Medicinal Mushrooms” – Be your best self

A study conducted by the IMHE at the University of Washington in Seattle attributes being overweight (BMI between 25-29.9) to 4 million premature deaths worldwide (in 2015) from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and concludes that being overweight may almost be as risky to health as being obese (BMI 30+). So with summer approaching and the pressure of the bikini body looming join us for a webinar on how to be your best self, and discover how a combination of our favourite mushrooms will be able to help you lose weight.

Presented by Sheila Downes, Nutritional Therapist.

Medicinal Mushrooms for Support and Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the principal types of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and it is thought that at least 20,000 people are living with IBD in Ireland and more than 300,000 people in the UK are affected.
I hope you’ll join me to find out how medicinal mushrooms can help in the management of IBD and learn what specific mushrooms to use to help modulate the immune response and soothe inflammation.

‘‘Feed the Inner You: Heal your digestive imbalances with Lion’s Mane Mushroom‘‘

During the webinar Biologist and Mycologist Catalina Fernandez de Ana, covered the double-edge sword of digestive imbalances and inflammation demonstrating how Lion’s Mane mushroom can be a powerful agent to counteract chronic digestive illnesses.

Presented by Fionnuala Ni Mhairtin – Nutritional Therapist, based in Dublin.

An introduction to Mycotherapy, focussing on the Cordyceps mushroom for improving vitality.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar where we will introduce you to the exciting health revolution that is Medicinal Mushrooms. We will unearth the fascinating kingdom of mushrooms, their diverse health benefits, and discover the Cordyceps mushroom for improving our vitality.

Presented by Corina Mueller. Herbalist and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist.

“Introduction to Mycotherapy, featuring Lion´s mane”

We will introduce you to the exciting health revolution that is medicinal mushrooms. We will unearth the fascinating kingdom of mushrooms, their diverse health benefits, and discover the particular immunomodulating and antioxidating effects of Lion’s Mane the mushroom for the Brain-Gut axis.

Presented by Sheila Downes. 
Qualified Nutritional Therapist, practicing in Dublin.

“Hormonal Balance with Medicinal Mushrooms”

In this webinar, we will be discussing the key mushrooms to work with to help manage conditions related to hormonal imbalance such as oestrogen dominance, low mood and weight gain. 

Presented by Annie Breen. 
Qualified Nutritional Therapist, practicing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“The use of Medicinal Mushrooms as health promoting agents”

Did you know mushrooms contain a wide array of health promoting properties that can support the whole body, inside and out? We will introduce you to the exciting health revolution that is medicinal mushrooms. We will unearth the fascinating kingdom of mushrooms, their diverse health benefits, and discover the particular anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing effects of Reishi’’.

Presented by Linda Sims. Nutritional Therapist for Hifas da Terra

“Medicinal Mushrooms a Potent Weapon for Integrative Cancer Therapy”

Discover the research behind the use of medicinal mushrooms in cancer prevention and as adjunct in integrative cancer therapy. Numerous medical trials have shown medicinal mushrooms offer safe and a power support to cancer patients. Our webinar will explain the anticancer properties of individual mushrooms and their use in cancer support.

“Performance, endurance, energy and recovery – The Cordyceps Advantage”

Improve exercise trading outcomes and reach your exercise goals. Learn how Mycotherapy can enhance your sporting performance whether you are a “weekend warrior “, starting out on a new exercise regime or a competitive athlete.

7th March 2018 – Presented by Victoria O´Neill. 
Nutritional Therapist for Hifas da Terra

Healthy Heart with Medicinal Mushrooms

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in the UK. Medicinal mushrooms offer a very effective support alongside lifestyle and dietary changes. Join us for our latest Hifas da Terra webinar where we will explore how to stop heart disease in its tracks using Mycotherapy.

Nutritional Therapist

21st February 2018 – Presented by Linda Sims. 
Nutritional Therapist for Hifas da Terra

Medicinal Mushrooms: the cornerstones for supporting Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is fast becoming a modern day epidemic around the world. In the UK, the cost of managing type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia and obesity with medication has reached 1 billion pounds. Find out how the Coprinus comatus mushroom can offer natural and effective support for diabetes and blood sugar balancing.

24th January 2018 – Presented by Romina Melwani. 
Mycotherapist and Nutritional Therapist for Hifas da Terra

Demystifying Detox – A new perspective with Mycotherapy

Is Detoxification overrated? 21st century living has led us to consume more fast-foods and processed foods than ever before. We are also exposed to an overload of toxins that engulf our everyday lives and that includes alcohol, caffeine, sugar as well as cigarette smoke and pollution. Our bodies are well equipped to handle detoxification, using kidneys, skin, lungs and our livers, which are all great master detoxifiers. However, when faced with such exposure, the body naturally needs to be aided. Discover how mushrooms have the amazing capacity to uptake heavy metals and absorb toxins naturally.

10th January 2018 – Presented by Sheila Downes. 
Dip NT mNTOI / Dublin based Nutritional Therapist

Introduction to Mycotherapy. Discovering the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms.

Embark on a journey of discovering the power of mushrooms and Hifas da Terra Farms, cultivations and mushrooms. It is becoming increasingly evident that bidirectional signalling exists between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. Discover how Hericium erinaceusmushroom can be effective in supporting the gut brain axis.

11th November 2017 – Presented by Victoria O’Neill. 
 Nutritional Therapist and Practitioner Account Manager for Hifas da Terra

“Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms and Mycotherapy”

In this training, we will introduce you to the world of medicinal mushrooms, their nutritional properties and how they can support health and well-being.

8th November 2017 – Presented by Sheila Downes. 
Dip NT mNTOI / Dublin based Nutritional Therapist

Managing energy, stress and sleep with Medicinal Mushrooms

Exploring how Hifas da Terra´s medicinal mushrooms can be used to support physical and mental resilience to help us operate in a more balanced state despite our lives of over-commitment and speediness.

10th May 2017 – Presented by Yuwa Aguedo
Yuwa Aguedo – Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massage.

Stress and blood sugar balance

Discover more about the connection between stress and blood sugar balance, as well as the pathways that are known to generate diseases. Olivier will also walk us through some of the key medicinal mushrooms as a solution to counteract these imbalances.

28th February 2017 – Presented by Olivier Sánchez
Olivier Sanchez – Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath, expert in Stress and Chronic Conditions, Natural Chef, Lecturer and Cooking Teacher, Exclusive Retreat Chef and Published writer.

Cancer and the incredible power of mushrooms to support healing

Cancer is a disease that affects us all, either directly or indirectly, and as the popularity of an integrative treatment approach grows, the emerging field of Mycotherapy offers huge potential when it comes to either reducing cancer risk or helping support those already diagnosed.

30th November 2016 – Presented by Liz Butler
Liz Butler is a nutritional therapist & founder of Body Soul Nutrition

Hormone dysregulation and reproductive health: Are the medicinal mushrooms the undiscovered key?

There are different potential indications for the use of medicinal mushrooms and their benefit in immunology is well established. However, recent research supports the use of mushrooms for a number of other body systems, such as the endocrine system. This is an area of great interest considering the fact that many people have issues with metabolic and hormonal dysregulation which can have a significant impact on reproductive health.

26th October 2016 – Presented by Yuwa Aguedo
Yuwa Aguedo is a Naturopath qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massafe and a lecturar ar the College of Naturopathic Medicine

Beta-Glucans & Beyond. Clinically relevant insights about the anti-inflammatory and immune actions of mushroom extracts

Mushrooms contain a veritable bounty of natural molecules to support human health. Antony Haynes will introduce you to Mycotherapy and describe multiple actions that mushroom extracts can have in the body. This will include beta-glucans and glycoproteins but will also extend to high molecular weight polysaccharides, mannoglucan, Cordycepin & others. You will learn about the most notable characteristics of of Reishi, Cordyceps, Agaricus, Shiitake & Maitake.

2nd June 2016 – Presented by Anthony Haynes
Anthony Haynes is one of the most experienced Nutritional Therapists in the UK, among the first ones to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the country.

Understanding the Anti-Ageing Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

The webinar will give you an introduction to the Reishi Mushroom and its beneficial effects on your body, with a special focus on the use of Mycotrherapy for anti-aging nutrition and dermo cosmetics. After detailing all the special nutrients that this magnificent mushroom possesses, Miguel will lead us through its anti-inflammatory properties, explaining the special mechanism for the protection from photoaging.

22nd March 2016 – Presented by Miguel Toribio Mateas
Miguel Toribio Mateas is a nutrition clinician, a Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the leading lecturer, author and researcher who specialises in clinical neuroscience and healthy ageing.