Protect your lips from the cold with the new Mico-Lip Balms

Hifas da Terra presents the new lip balms that will help to keep your lips hydrated, repaired and full of volume. Reishi and Cordyceps extracts help minimize cellular oxidation (antiaging effect) while natural waxes and oils provide the hydration you need. The Maxi-Lip ™ 3D Effect natural peptide increases the density of your lips thus giving a special touch to these mint-flavored formulas.

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The healing benefits of mushrooms now in chocolate

Two great superfoods, together Combining mushrooms and chocolate allows you to benefit from two great superfoods. Mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest healers, powerful enhancers of the immune system, rich in immune activating beta-glucans, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and polysaccharides. Cocoa is considered a natural tonic, high in polyphenols, theobromine and phytosterols. Intense flavour The two

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A study about cordyceps and its effect on athlete’s overtraining syndrome

Today, we want to share with you a very interesting study by a group of scientists at the University of Pavia, in Italy. This research study analyses professional sports people overtraining and the relevance that using Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum as a supplement  plays into their performance. The biometrics used were testosterone and cortisol.

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