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 What our patients say…

Thanks to the Reishi extracts I am able to sleep again, without anxiety and the menopause hot flushes. I feel better during the day too, with more energy and vitality. It has been an amazing discovery and I recommend it to all women in this situation.

Teofila G.

I’ve been taking Turkey’s Tail extracts for a year. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. My muscular pain has improved and my rheumatism decreased. Also my mouth herpes has also vanished. I noticed that when I stopped taking the extracts my pain increases and the herpes is back.

Gloria S.

I started taking Mico-Rei when I was feeling tired and run down and within 10 days felt better than I had for about a year. My head felt clearer, I felt physically fitter and my skin looked great too. People I hadn’t seen for a while kept telling me how well I looked.


Jane Collins

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