R&D, Quality and Production

Your trust is fundamental in the development of our formulas. Every time you choose Hifas da Terra, you are betting on an ecological, safe and effective food supplement in which an expert team has intervened in whose work, above all, what we call excellence.

We select each strain for its qualities, we design and optimize natural farming methods and, with the ecological crops of the species that we investigate, we extract and concentrate the active principles with demonstrated activity.

We offer you our scientific knowledge in capsules, vials and syrups following the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality, which is why, like you, thousands of health professionals trust in Hifas da Terra.

  • Since 2003 our products have been endorsed by the Regulatory Board of Ecological Production of Galicia (CRAEGA).
  • Our formulas contain all the natural active principles unchanged in the highest concentrations of existing concentration.
  • The extraction process is unique, the result of our own patented innovation to ensure optimum composition.
  • We determine the means and production systems suitable for each species, thus maximizing the quality of the final product. In this process we do not use cereals that limit the benefits of the product and its use in case of food allergies.
  • The production is uniform and controlled and is carried out through previously validated processes, following the pharmaceutical safety standards (Good Manufacturing Process).
  • We analyze our extracts with external laboratories demonstrating that they do not interfere in the taking of other medicines *.
  • 360 process control which also includes product design, labeling and distribution.
  • Our formulas are the basis of new clinical trials with patients.

We keep more than 150 strains of medicinal mushrooms

In our laboratory we have a bank of 150 medicinal strains that we periodically replicate in fresh culture media for their conservation. In addition, we cryo-freeze the oldest and special varieties, which allows us a long-term conservation. Thus we maintain one of the largest private stocks that exist and that constitutes the structural pillar on which we develop our scientific research and know-how.

Demonstrated antitumor activity

We characterize each species indicating its culture medium and origin, we check the spores and hyphae of each species and we identify its DNA by means of molecular biology (PCR) techniques.

This is the process we follow, for example, with the research carried out with Maitake, a species from which we identified three new Galician stocks.

In addition, this type of procedure has allowed us to identify the strains of Reishi and Maitake that showed anticancer activity on cell lines in the studies carried out with the oncology research group of the A Coruña hospital (Inibic-Sergas).

Ecological productions

28% of our micotherapeutic products come from our own farms, while the rest comes from national suppliers, always guaranteeing the ecological cultivation and the total traceability of the product. The collaboration with our partners of cultivation, transformation or extraction is total, performing constant audits and production controls, as well as common R + D + i projects. Through this comprehensive quality system we can guarantee obtaining the best raw material for the manufacture of our products.

In Hifas da Terra we cultivate more than 12 species of saprophytic fungi and collect more than 20 species of mycorrhizal fungi in the forest (especially in mycorrhized tree plantations).

According to their way of life and their main culture strategy, we have different techniques to get our products to the ecological and wild mushrooms with the best properties:

  • Production of mycorrhizal fungi through the mycorrhization of trees
  • Cultivation of saprophytes in sacks and production logs
  • Targeted crops in bioreactors

Crops in bioreactors

Our specialization in the field of health has favored the development of targeted crops in bioreactors that allow us to have more control if possible over the final product, determining parameters and selecting specific means that enhance those activities of interest in our medical research related to the cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Local production, sustainable economy

Since our foundation we have trained hundreds of growers and collectors of wild mushrooms that now guarantee us a supply of premium ecological mushroom. Through this training we contribute to the settlement of families that keep the mountain villages alive, maintain the traditional landscape and contribute to sustainable rural development.

Collection and dehydration: from 150 kg to 15 kg

We carry out a drying process in natural conditions and with temperatures below 40 ° C to preserve the properties of mushrooms in which renewable energy is used. In the same way, during the crushing and extraction processes, we use non-denaturing techniques at low temperatures.

For every 150 kg of fresh mushroom, we obtain 15 kg of dehydrated mushroom that, by grinding processes, are transformed into mushroom powder in which its main active ingredients are concentrated. This raw material is the basis for the production of our food products and food supplements (prevention formulas). Also, this powder is the basis for obtaining the extract, an even higher concentration of the bioactive compounds of the fungi.

Extraction: from 15 kg to 1 kg

The extract is the final byproduct of the transformation process. Our continuous extraction equipment, whether hydroalcoholic or ultrasonic, allows us to obtain high concentrations of active principles from the powder resulting from the milling. We obtain 1 kg of extract with super concentrated and bioavailable bioactive molecules from 15 kg of mushroom powder. It’s what we call 15: 1 concentration ratio.

Qualities of HdT extracts

  • Maximum concentration of unchanged active ingredients
  • Standardized and controlled production
  • High bioavailability

Clean and ecological processes and bioprocesses

The own extraction methods developed and optimized by our team increase the availability of the cell matter of interest for our formulas (ganoderic acids, statins, cordycepins, etc.).

After the extraction in liquid medium, we carry out the freeze drying (lyophilization) through which we obtain the extract in solid medium that we encapsulate or dilute in our drinkable formulas.

In relation to this extraction process, Hifas da Terra has carried out a pioneering study in which alcohols are not used as solvents, obtaining an extract through green, clean and ecological technologies. This research has been reflected in the publication Sequential extraction of Hericium erinaceus using green solvents **, the first scientific article published by the HdT team.

GMP Certificate of Excellence

Throughout the production process, very strict quality standards are applied in accordance with current legislation. In order to comply with these standards, the quality controls stipulated in the respective technical sheets of raw material, intermediate product, finished product and finished product throughout the manufacturing process are carried out. Hifas da Terra products are natural, but they are produced with the same rigor as pharmaceuticals.

The capsules are manufactured in a controlled atmosphere without oxygen to prevent oxidation of the extracts. Each capsule is individually sealed with a differentiated color to preserve its contents in optimal conditions for longer and to avoid confusion in the treatments.

The coloring of each band is of vegetable origin (carrot, pumpkin, apple, currant, etc.). They are then dispensed into their respective cans that are labeled and packaged. The whole process is carried out following GMP regulations, endorsement of pharmaceutical excellence.

* The Medina Foundation evaluated the potential risk of drug interactions by inhibiting hepatic cytochromes with HdT extracts. These showed a low risk of interaction due to inhibition of hepatic cytochromes (CYP450, CYP3A4, CYP2DA, CYP2C9), more relevant isoforms in the hepatic metabolism. More information: micoterapia@hifasdaterra.com.

** Parada, M., Rodríguez-Blanco, A., by Ana Magán, F. F., & Domínguez, H. (2015). Sequential extraction of Hericium erinaceus using green solvents. LWT-Food Science and Technology, 64 (1), 397-404.