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Hifas da Terra scientific publications

Our commitment: to develop the best Mycotherapy products

As biologists, pharmacists, physicians and oncologists, we investigate molecules, specific compounds of mushrooms and their metabolic pathways to provide you with its active substances in nutraceuticals, functional foods and dermo-cosmetics.
Our promise: to improve people’s lives and the planet
We produce species of organic mushrooms filled with medicinal properties, we analyse each batch guaranteeing the absence of heavy metals and other toxins. We do not use GMOs in our crops.
We foster sustainable development by working with local producers and supporting the rural areas. In HdT we produce more oxygen than we consume and protect the environment by planting more than 80,000 mycorrhized chestnut trees a year to help preserve traditional ecosystems and our culture.
Mushrooms are our passion, we want you to experience them, growing them in your garden, planting mycorrhizal trees or wearing accessories inspired from ancient scientific engravings that mycologists use to study and distinguish the different species.

Research at the starting point of Hifas da Terra

Since 1999, HdT has launched 13 new R+D projects that serve as baseline to all innovative research that each new product entails.
FungiTechOnco (2015-2017) Project for the development of industrial farming of medicinal mushroom species with tested anticancer compounds, mushroom extracts suitable for the prevention and support of stomach and colorectal cancers.
Dismetasín (2015-2017) Project of selection of ingredients with health properties for the development of target foods to reduce Metabolic Syndrome. .
Micotecnosoles (2014-2015) Project for the design, formulation and development of technosols for bioremediation of soils contaminated with hydrocarbons and heavy metals, with application of different mushroom species.
CosmetInnova (2013-2015) Project for the development of tools that ease the use of natural extracts in the manufacturing of new natural cosmetic products.

Other proyects

· Innovation project for the creation of a new skin cosmetic line, based on organic mushrooms with therapeutic properties (2012- 2014).
· Innovation project for the development of a new functional food line, based on organically grown mushrooms from Galicia, with therapeutic properties (2012-2014).
· Project for the ecological protection of the Acacia species against invaders (2010- 2013).
· Project for defining ecological methods against Reynoutria japonica on Red Natura 2000 (2009-2011).
· Project for the eco-characterization of the Black Trumpet mushroom (Craterellus cornucopioides), in association with “Frondosas Autóctonas Galicia” (2008-2011).
· Project for the creation of a European medical- pharmacological capsule line, based on organic mushroom extracts from Galicia, with therapeutic properties (2008-2010).
· Project for the production of saprophytic mushrooms on forest debris (2006-2008).
· Project for the production of hybrid Chestnut trees, with mycorrhizal insertions of Boletus edulis and grafting with endogenous fruit varieties. Hifas da Terra in collaboration with the “Centro de Investigaciós Forestais e Ambientais de Lourizán” (2004-2006).
· Project for the mycorrhizal insertion of Chestnut forests to increase the mycological and fruit production (2000-2004).

Hifas da Terra 1st scientific research paper

Within the frame of this new project, Hifas da Terra has improved the extraction process of beta-glucans present in mushrooms. The main results regarding this project were actually obtained in the field of extraction with the use of “green technologies” (clean and ecofriendly). A release on this research was made by the department of Chemical Engineering of Universidad de Vigo, under the title “Sequential Extraction of Hericium erinaceus using Green Solvents”. This scientific research article, published in the Summer of 2015 by LWT-Food Science from Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology (SGLWT/SOSSTA), counted for the first time ever with Hifas da Terra’s fully collaboration.

Projects in course

R+D HdT Partners

R+D projects we have collaborated with

Enviromental projects

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