Achieving excellence in our products while protecting the environment is our healthy obsession; from start to finish and from the most essential to the smallest details what we do and how we do it defines us:

Organic, non-GMO ingredients

GMP pharmaceutical quality and safety standards

Products suitable for coeliacs, lactose intolerance and vegans

100% plant-based capsules made from cellulose, purified water and carrot concentrate

Paper from sustainable forests (PEFC certified)

… and now, glass replaces recyclable plastic in our packaging

Our next step in going green

Making a difference

We are a Biotech company with a constant R&D activity:

We test our products in vitro and in vivo, as the basis for clinical trials with patients.

Our commitment to quality and traceability is strong and unique:

Our Mico-Quality production process includes up to 3 rounds of analytical control of both raw materials and final products to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

Maximum concentration via a dual extraction process: Dual extraction, an exclusive patent-pending process, allows us to more efficiently and sustainably obtain standardised levels of active biomolecules in our medicinal mushrooms at higher concentrations than those offered by other natural products.

Glass, a material with infinite lives

Glass not only has an infinite life span, but also, thanks to the thickness and topaz colour of our new containers, protects and preserves the activity of the extracts within, eliminating 100% the possibility of material transfer to the product.

  • Can be reused as many times as desired without loss of quality or function.
  • No impact on the product it contains: no flavour transfer to the food or beverages it contains.
  • The possibility of infinite reuse reduces CO2 emissions and the consumption of new raw materials to manufacture new packaging.
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Mushrooms for the environment: powerful bioremediatiors

Did you know that mushrooms are invaluable for the recovery and regeneration of soil? Hifas da Terra (HdT) carries out environmental research projects on the recovery of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons and substances derived from mining extraction as well as soil devastated by forest fires. While certain fungi are able to degrade pollutants, others bring life back to inert soils by interracting with the roots of chestnuts, oaks and various conifers. These species of mycorrhizal fungi provide great resistance and vigour to the trees they interract with, helping them to survive in adverse conditions.

Clean energy and energy saving

The natural greenery that surrounds and characterises HdT headquaters requires excellent management of water resources. To this end, we have a well that collects rainwater which, with the appropriate ozone treatment, serves to supply the company’s main water needs, including dealing with fires. The biomass derived from the maintenance of the forests that surround us is used as the biofuel that generates heat in winter for our radiant natural slate floors.

Less waste

We also use a closed loop system for the management of waste from the cultivation sacks and logs we use in the production of our medicinal mushrooms. Once the production cycle of the sacks and logs is over, the resulting substrate is used to nourish our soils with organic matter.

Our carbon footprint: +O2 -CO2

THE HIFAS GROUP generates more oxygen than it consumes. Thanks to Hifas Foresta, more than 120,000 trees are planted every year. These trees play a major role in the restoration of the landscape and the soil. They also support sustainable economy by generating valuable resources in the countryside for future generations.

Respect for the landscape

In 2028 Hifas da Terra will be 30 years old. By that date our commitment is to generate more oxygen than we consume in all our production processes, eliminate plastic from our products, promote the use of recycled materials and reward attitudes in line with our philosophy. Can we count on your support?

A better way to feel better

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